Today's devotion from Revelation 21 & 22.

As we've already seen, Hell is not the final place of judgment. Instead, we see that those bound are eventually cast into the lake of fire. In fact, Death and Hades (Hell) are both thrown into the lake of fire. Likewise, Heaven is not the end. God's end design was not for His people to be limited to a spiritual existence in Heaven, but the complete restoration of His physical Creation.

In the end, there is a new heaven, a new earth, and a new Jerusalem. This is the home of the saints restored to glorified physical bodies. This is the redemption of Creation as man and God enjoy the relationship God designed in the beginning. Yet, now Satan and sin have been utterly defeated, and there is no fear or chance of falling away again.

As the prophecy ends, John pronounces a curse on anyone who changes or alters the words of his message. I think the reason for this is that we are tempted to add commentary or explanation where we cannot know facts with certainty. We cannot tamper with the message by erasing pieces or portions that make us uncomfortable. We must accept it for what it is, and that is that God has revealed enough for us to know that He has a plan and we can trust Him.

In the end, we see that God is making all things new, and, yet, they are strangely similar. They are new in that they are fresh and without corruption or blemish. They are similar because they are as they once were and should have always been.

In the end, we see God in His righteousness. We see God in His glory. We God in His sovereignty. We see God in His majesty. We see God in His creativity. In the end, we see God.