Never Have Enough

Today’s devotion from Haggai 1-2 The book of Haggai presents us with a situation in which the people had come to accept their lot in life. As they did, they moved on. They made homes, built lives, and raised crops. Yet for all their hard work and effort, they only saw a fraction of the benefits. Why? God declares that their toil was not blessed because they had neglected Him.

To put it another way, it wasn’t that God necessarily wanted a facility in His name, but a place in which the people worshipped. A place for the priests to offer their sacrifices, a place for God’s presence among them, and a place to which the people could symbolically turn their hearts in remembrance of God’s relationship with them.

The people’s agricultural endeavors were suffering because the people had forgotten their place with God. As long as they kept trying to find success in their own way while neglecting God, they were doomed to never have enough. This is a spiritual truth that we still encounter today. We are not to build a temple in order to be blessed by God, but we do need to keep Him central in our lives.

We can pour ourselves into work, climbing the corporate ladder, achieving the American dream, and accumulating all the stuff our culture holds equivalent with success, but it will never be enough without God. We will never be satisfied, happy, and fulfilled without His active presence in our lives.

I know your busy. I’m busy, too. But could it be possible that in all our busyness we feel less and less content because these things distract us from seeing God and prioritizing Him? Could it be that we struggle with feeling like our lives are meaningless because, without God, they kind of are? If we believe our only purpose is to survive, then we will never feel fulfilled. We were meant for more.

Today, realize that whatever you do, no matter how important it is, it will never satisfy you without God.