My God, My God

Today's devotion from Psalms 22 and 23.

Psalms 22 and 23 are very well known. With that in mind, I didn't want to just focus on those things that are common and familiar. I wanted to see more of these two well known and loved works. As I read, one of David's turns of phrase caught my attention. "But you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel." (Psalm 22:3, CSB)

As I began to think about this, to meditate on what David is trying to say, I caught a glimpse of a beautiful thought. There He is, our God, exalted and lifted high upon the praises of all creation. The mystery of the universe, the wonder of the night sky, the marvel that are the systems He established, the wind in the trees and the waves lapping at the shore are all giving Him glory, but there is more.

All that was good within His creation was mangled when sin invaded. Yet God, increasing His worthiness of praise, established a redemptive plan and set in motion the greatest story ever told. He selected a people through which He would win back to Himself the creation that adores Him, including the rebellious mankind. Israel, the jewel of hope among the image-bearers of God, praised God and enthroned Him by their worship.

God is truly worthy of praise. I'm captivated by David's language of God enthroned on praises of Israel. However, this is not where He lived, per se. He was, is, and will always be worthy of worship. There is no doubt about that in my mind. However, surrounding the idea of His throne of praise are the pleas of men. Those too broken to lift up His name call upon it in hope of healing and deliverance.

The God enthroned by praise is not too lofty to answer cries of help. He is not too busy being worship to demonstrate His worthiness. These things are directly connected. If He did not answer cries for help, could He receive the praise? If He were too busy to demonstrate His worthiness, would He receive worship?

What makes our God so amazing is that these two ideas are not contradictory in Him. He is both enthroned on praise and interested in our pleas. He is perfect in that He is equally both, and He is both because He is perfect. He is our exalted God enthroned on praise. He is our ever-present Father responding to our petitions.