My Bones

Today's devotion from Psalm 138 & 139.

You know, I'm almost 40 years old, and, to my knowledge, I have broken exactly one bone in my life. It didn't happen as a kid, because I was always a very cautious child. I didn't break the bone when I was twelve and got a motorcycle. I was too afraid to drive it fast. No. I broke the very tip of my left thumb when I had a bicycle wreck as a 34 year old.

Yes. A bicycle. Yes. A 34 year old.

You would never know this tidbit about me unless I told you that story. You can't see my bones. You can't tell the very tip of my thumb was broken. There is no visible evidence or scaring. Nothing. Nevertheless, God knew before it was broken. Not even my bones are hidden from him.

The author of the 139th psalm realizes that there is no place hidden from God. There was no facet of his life that was unknown to God. The psalmist credits God with more than simply knowing about him. The psalmist actually credits God with forming him, knitting him together in the womb, and making him in a wondrous way.

More than that. The psalmist believes that God has actually already written al the days of his life and planned them out before a single one began. This realization causes him to exclaim, "God, how precious your thoughts are to me; how vast their sum is!" (Psalm 139:17, CSB)

Have you ever considered how overwhelming it is to know that God thinks about you? He considers you? Cares for you? Plans for you? Even this moment, no matter what you are going through, was not unknown to God. Instead, He is weaving your life together and this moment, regardless if it is up or down, is part of His overall plan.

God sees. God knows. God cares.