Today's devotion from Numbers 20.

After the people rebel against God, Moses and Aaron reveal their own sinfulness. Sure, they fall before God first, but then their actions betray them. Look at the impromptu speech Moses gives. He declares the people to be rebels. This is very out of character for Moses. How many times have the people turned against him and the Lord? Yet, he has ever been their advocate. Not this time. He's fed up, and his actions reveal his return to that judge over his brethren.

Then, there's the miraculous act itself. God had instructed him to speak to the rock here in Kadesh. However, in Exodus 17 at Horeb, God had commanded him to strike the stone. Many people think that Moses' sin was anger with the people, but I think we see him slip into something different. If Exodus 17 and Numbers 20 are two separate events, then it makes sense that Moses might have remembered the previous account and, in a sense, had faith in the staff instead of in God.

I know what you're thinking. "That's crazy! This is Moses, you know, the guy who talked to God face to face as a friend, the guy who witness miracles and saw the glory of God." That's all true, but it doesn't make him any less human. I've known believers who were filled by the Holy Spirit but had more faith in their own financial prowess than God's provision, and saints who walked with God for years who had more faith in the latest treatment than the Great Physician. The transferal of faith is not difficult.

The result of Moses and Aaron's outburst was their loss in realizing the blessing of God's promise. Aaron's death is actually recorded in Numbers 20. I wonder what the result of our disobedience is? When our churches trust in methodologies more than the Savior to see people saved there can be no reward. When American Christians have more faith in a political election than in the sovereignty of the Eternal King there can be no reward. When we believe more in our ability ("Must we bring water out of this rock for you?") than in God's supernatural ability there can be no reward.

What are you trusting more than God? Unseat it today.