mediums and necromancers

Today's devotion from 1 Samuel 28 & 29.

In this chapter, completely rejected by God and driven mad by His divine silence, Saul seeks out a medium. We are not sure of a lot of these details. Were the mediums satanically empowered, or just bolstered by pagan superstitions? Many believe the latter, due to the shock that seems to overwhelm the woman when she actually summons Samuel.

Regardless, in this instance we need to understand that God permitted something remarkable to happen. Samuel spoke to Saul. Unfortunately for Saul, the message has not changed. He has been rejected while David has been chosen. The kingdom will be torn from him, and given to the other. A little has been added though in that it is revealed that Saul and his sons will die in the coming battle.

What do we do with this account? Is this about witches and sorcery, or something else? Well, here is something to think about. In chapter 15, Saul is rejected and his rebellion is compared to divination. Remember, he had presumed to know better than God, and had chosen to disobey God's command. From that moment on, have we seen Saul call out to God? We've seen him make oaths in God's name, we've seen him kill an entire city of priests, we've seen him overwhelmed by the Spirt so David could escape, but have we seen him worship or pray?

Even more bizarre, why does Saul want to speak with Samuel? After those ominous words were uttered by the prophet in chapter 15, there is no record of Saul seeking out Samuel for counsel or advice. Why now? Why, in this moment of desperation, does Saul think to seek out Samuel when God will not speak? The answer is found in those fateful words spoken in 1 Samuel 15. Saul has presumed, and that presumption replaced God.

Today, don't presume upon God. Don't let Him be your last resort. Right now, stop everything and make your way to Him. What you are preoccupied with may be too unimportant to overrule God's presence in your life. If it is important, then treat it as so important that you couldn't possibly accomplish it without first seeking God's help.