Today's devotion from 1 Peter 3-5. Sometimes we get perspective backwards. As I sat in the office today while a technician was rushing around to help us address IT problems, I got a text from Stefanie. Isla, our youngest, had accidentally sat in ketchup at school and apparently had a small meltdown. I immediately excused myself and went home to get her another pair of pants.

As I drove, I began to be dismissive. Why couldn't she just wipe them off and wear smudged pants? After all, the new ones would be dirty a few minutes after putting them on. Then, another thought entered my mind. There are three other capable adults watching 1 man work in our office, why did I think they needed me? Then it hit this moment, in what seemed to me a minor issue, my daughter was upset. She was distraught and embarrassed in front of her friends. For me, it was a minor issue. In her small world of elementary school, it was much bigger. In this instant, I get to be my daughter's hero. How many more times will I have that?

So, I continued on the way. I found another pair of pants. And I saved her day.

As Peter continues, he encourages the believers to maintain their focus. Many could have overlooked the day because they felt eternity was so close. They could have easily made excuses toward this end. Yet, Peter urges them toward the opposite reaction. Because eternity is so near, stay alert, maintain love, and follow Christ even when others don't understand what you are doing. Even the smallest task that glorifies God is monumental compared to the most grandiose undertakings of the world.