keep silence and hear

Today's devotion from Deuteronomy 27.

As we continue to see how the Israelites are supposed to respond to entering the the Promised Land, we come across a somewhat odd practice instituted by God for when the Israelites enter the Promised Land.  Moses instructed the people to break into two groups, climb opposing mountains, and half would stand for blessings while the other half stood for the curses. Then the Levites would declare the curses Moses then records.

This sounds kind of odd, but there is a purpose. This is a visual reinforcement of God's commandments. When they cross the Jordan, the people are to know the commands of God. These would be everywhere; on their minds, spoken by their lips, written in plaster on stones, taught in homes, and shouted from mountains. There would be no excuse for the people to not know God's expectations. Further, they were specifically to affirm (in the case of the curses) that they agreed with the statement by answering, "Amen."


As the people of God in Christ, shouldn't we seek to be silent and listen to the voice of God in our lives as we open His Word? Shouldn't we know His expectations well enough to agree with them? I know what you may be thinking, "But pastor, we're not saved by commandments. We're saved by grace!" You are absolutely correct, but that is not the end of our journey with God. It's actually only the beginning.

Scripture is inexpressibly important in honoring God with our lives, learning what it looks like to be a disciple, and knowing how to share good news with others. However maybe one of the most important aspects of Scripture is that it reveals to us God Himself. How can we truly appreciate all that He has done and is doing in our lives if we don't know what He has done for us? And in seeing the lengths to which His love for us compelled Him to act on our behalf, who wouldn't be motivated to obey Him?