Just Like Them

Today's devotion from Psalms 113, 114, & 115.

Dead with hearts of stone. This is the picture the author of Psalm 115 wants us to have of the idols that littered households and high places in his day. These figurines represented false hope and broken dreams. Their followers developed stringent cultic practices that ensnared and enslaved the misguided, even to the point of demanding the death of their infants in some practices. These practices created people just like them, just like their gods. Dead with hearts of stone.

The question the psalmist poses is not unimportant. Why? Why should those who worship these false gods, gods incapable of response, unable to answer their cries or grant their petitions, gods dead, with hearts of stone, why should these be allowed point an accusing finger at the Israelites who worshipped the One True God? His plea is not aimed at simply beseeching God to answer their prayers, but to demonstrate His life in such a lifeless place. In doing so, He would certainly win greater glory to His name, not their theirs.

God's works are more than just to benefit us. They benefit those around us. Those dead in sin with cold and lifeless hearts can and will be touched, have hearts softened and flesh warmed, see their hopeless lives quickened by the testimony of His existence and work. However, even this isn't the ultimate culmination of His work. The psalmist is crying out for God to prove once again and to an even further degree exactly how truly wonderful and awesome He is.

Now, consider that this is exactly what God is doing in your life today.

In His having changed my life, He demonstrated His love and mercy. In the life of every believer, time and again, He proves to the universe how great His name is. Our great God snatches victory from defeat. He brings life where there was only death. He gives grace where none is deserved and proves to love the unloveable. All of this, God can and will do in your life today.

How much glory can be ascribed to God today as His work in your life speaks? Why not let God use your life to alter their perspective so they might ask, "How can I experience love and hope just like them?"