Joy in the Morning

Today's devotion from Psalms 30 & 31.

You've probably sung songs that spoke of the hope we have in God, especially found in the phrase, "Joy comes in the morning." I don't know about you, but there have been plenty of mornings in which joy has eluded me. What in the world is the psalmist saying? Here's a clue: This is not the promise of happiness all the days of your life.

This world is dark and troublesome due to the sin that infects everything and everyone here. Yet, for those of us who believe, we have the promise of a place to come in which there is no sin. There is nothing to cause the weeping. This is why the psalmist says that that the faithful ones can sing and praise...we have hope.

Ultimately, hope in the promise and plan of God is what David is writing about. One good thing about our temporary lives on earth is that they will eventually end. These are not words written from one who is looking forward to death or who feels nihilistic. In fact, because I believe in an eternal kingdom, I do believe this life matters. However, this life matters only from the perspective of eternity.

In John 11, Jesus called Lazarus back from the dead. What joy...until Lazarus died, again. If the joy you hope to find is only in getting a clean bill of health, or getting that promotion, or buying that bigger house, then your joy will be just as corrupt as the physical and material world around us, but we can have a joy that extends beyond this temporal life and surges into eternity. Even better, we don't have to wait until this life ends to experience this joy. We just have to find it in Him instead of in this world.