It Will Be Night For You

Today's devotion from Micah 1-3. Micah prophesied around the same time as Isaiah. One of the pressing problems this minor prophet was called to address was the prevailing greed at the root of every branch of leadership within Israel, but the elders weren't the only ones who had corrupted their sacred duty. So, too, the prophets were to serve the people. Yet, they led them astray with proclamations of peace for those who benefited them, and declaring war against those who did not.

These false prophets had learned to play the game. They had learned to use their station for personal gain and power instead of to glorify God by their serving others. For this reason, God would obliterate them. Their promises of peace would be proven false when captivity came and the land was ravaged. They were already lacking genuine insight from God, but now they would be shown to be the charlatans they were.

There are still those today who pervert and twist the Word of God to their own selfish ends. Both positive and negative abuses are equal. Those who would use God's Word as a weapon of oppression and fear-mongering are equally as guilty as those who care only to use God's Word for prosperity.

God's Word is not a whip for lashing out at others. Neither is it a magic talisman to make your dreams of wealth come true. You see, the Word of God is not to be manipulated or used by man, but is God's tool with which He changes me. Though we hold it in our hands, we are not over the Word of God, but under its authority as it pierces our hearts as wielded by the Holy Spirit.

As we approach the Word in our daily readings, let us never forget that even as we peruse the contents of Scripture, the Word is searching us as well.