Today's devotion from 2 Samuel 20 & 21.

Amasa replaced Joab as the commander of the army under David. In readings today in 2 Samuel 20-21, we see another outbreak of rebellion. When this coup attempt brakes out, Amasa has three days to assemble the troops. When he fails, Joab and Abishai take the reigns. Abishai had some rank, but Joab, "...was wearing a soldier's garment." When Joab met Amasa, he asked him these final words, and killed him.

There is speculation. Some speculate that Amasa may have been treasonous. It could have been that he was intentionally delaying so that the rebellion could build steam. Others believe that he had difficulty summoning the troops due to the fact that he is new and untrusted in this position given his previous loyalty to Absalom.

Regardless of Amasa's motives, the emphasis in this account is more on Joab (at this point) than on Amasa himself. Joab has proven time and again that his is not going to be politically correct, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty, he can and will kill without batting an eye, and he is generally just a tough old bird. In short he's a soldier, not a priest. We really don't know much about his relationship with God, but we know that he is a battle-hardened warrior.

In this, I think we can find encouragement. Too many times we feel like we're unqualified to answer God's call because we're not "spiritual" enough. The truth of the matter is that God can use any manner of person He decides to use. For the difficult acts of war, God apparently did not want a monk. He called a rough-around-the-edges, salt of the earth soldier who could walk up to a guy, greet him, and slip a blade into him.

I'm not saying that Joab is someone we should emulate or hold up as a role model for our kids. What I am saying is that if God can use a guy like this, then He will have no problem with using you and your gifts to bring glory to His wonderful name. Today, don't worry about failing. Just commit to not being afraid to trust God's judgment in who you are, and what He has called you to do.