In Darkness

Today's devotion from Ezekiel 7 & 8 God saw this coming. He told Jeremiah that the exiles would be sent away in order to be protected from what was coming. Oddly enough, those left in Jerusalem were the ones that would suffer, but their pain would be self-inflicted.

All that God has allowed and caused had been intended to be a form of judgment and punishment that forced Israel and Judah to reassess their decisions. Instead, those remaining in Jerusalem were finally free to completely fall away from God. What they demonstrated was the true extent of their depravity.

Their idolatry knew no bounds. From high places in the countryside to pagan practices in the temple, they continued to worship false gods. The depravity was not limited to some fringe group, but involved even the elders of the people. This was the concept that caught my attention. These elders believed they were doing this in the absence of God and in the cover of darkness. They believed their idolatry would not be found out.

As we consider this, there are two directions we need to go. First, even though they felt that God had "abandoned the land" they still felt the sting of guilt keenly enough to know their sin should be hidden from God, which brings us to the second issue at hand. Our sins can never be hidden from God.

Look at the imagery used in chapter 8. Ezekiel is digging through walls. The idolatry is wrapped in the cloak of darkness. The people's backs are turned on the temple. All of these things demonstrate a level of stealth of sneakiness, but it is unsuccessful. Your sins will find you out.

Maybe today you needed to be confronted with these truths. Are there areas of your life that you are trying desperately to hide from God? Does this constant attempt cause you guilt and shame? Then stop. Realize there is nothing that is hidden to or unknown by God, and stop. When you surrender these areas to Him in repentance, you will feel freedom and relief that defy description.