Today's devotion from 1 Kings 1.

David's life is transitioning. He is now aged, and the years are not being kind. He is losing control. He can't control his body temperature, others are having to care for him, and Adonijah seizes upon David's presumptive powerlessness by declaring himself king. He prepared a little parade. He threw a party for himself. He did a little politicking. These were the steps he assumed would wrest the throne away from his father and take his brothers out of the picture. There was one problem: David.

You see, even though it looked like David had lost control, the reality is that David had authority, and that was what truly mattered. Once alerted to the situation, David put in motion the true means of coronating a king. He named Solomon. He called Zadok, the priest, Nathan, the prophet, and Benaiah, the warrior, because he had the authority to summon them. He commanded them to place Solomon on his own royal mule, a deed that could not be accomplished except under the authority of the king. They were to proclaim Solomon's ascension to the throne, then sit him upon it. None of this was possible without authority.

As the chapter concludes, Adonijah's party is spoiled. They heard of what David had done or Solomon, and they flee. Solomon would be king, not because he himself had declared it so, but because the one with the authority to make it happen had decreed it and set about to make it happen.

As we read about Adonijah, let us always remember that we can plan and scheme, declare and dream, but we are the ones who are truly impotent. Matthew 28 states that all authority belongs to Christ. While we may come up with our own designs, we cannot do anything outside the authority of the king. What power or authority are you trying to usurp from your king? Where are you rebelling against his command? Where are you trying to impose your will? Stop. You don't want to be king. The One with the authority to crown Him has already done so.