I Must

Today's devotion from Numbers 23.

Balak called Balaam against Israel. After instructing Balak to construct altars for sacrifice, he went to a barren hill to seek the Lord. God instructed him in what to say, and it wasn't a curse. God would not allow him to curse a people blessed by His own Word. Shocked, Balak decides to try again.

Maybe God's mind could be changed if Balaam were to be moved to another area? What if Balaam couldn't see all the people? Maybe a new perspective would do the trick? Not only could Balaam not corporately curse Israel, but he spoke personally against Balak. After this poem, Balak said, "Don't curse them and don't bless them!" (Numbers 23:25, CSB) However, Balak asked for one more try.

Eventually, and rather unexpectedly, Balaam decides to phone it in. "Since Balaam saw that it pleased the LORD to bless Israel, he did not go to seek omens as on previous occasions, but turned toward the wilderness." (Numbers 24:1, CSB) He told Balak to go through the motions, but had no intentions of actually seeking God. That is when God decided to show Balaam how serious He is about blessing Israel.

When Balaam decided not to go looking for God, God came looking for him. The Spirit of God came upon him. This is different than the previous events. This was at a time before the Spirit of the Lord rested upon individuals except under special occasions. Therefore, we can assume that this was a special occasion. God was not going to allow Balaam to phone in a blessing that He had invested so much in securing. When God blesses His people, they are blessed indeed.

This truth greatly encouraged me. God takes His blessing seriously. If God was that serious about the blessing of His people then, how much more serious is He about the blessing on His people washed in the blood of Jesus and clothed in His righteousness? God is serious about blessing you. Remember that today as you walk in that promise. When God has spoken, everyone must listen.