I Am, and There is No One Else

Today's devotion from Isaiah 46 and 47.

We really can't blame the Babylonians for their arrogant and selfish perspective. How were they to know that it was not their own strength, but, in fact, God, who orchestrated their successes in war and expansion territorially? They really had no way of discovering that God was at work in them for the benefit of Israel. In a way, He was blessing this pagan nation to be a blessing to His chosen people.

In the same way, we can't be surprised when our modern leaders fail to recognize God's sovereign role in their service to us. They may be tempted to look around at their success and say, "I am, and there is no one else," but this is only a demonstration of their ignorance. God is at work for His purposes according to His plans. There is not a senator, representative, president, or global leader that is in their position without God's orchestration of it.

Further, when Twitter is in meltdown and FaceBook is overloaded, we can't be drawn into useless and divisive arguments. We must remember to pray for these leaders. While the Babylonians were doing exactly what God called them to accomplish, they would still stand before Him in judgment. They would answer for the oppression and bloodshed. They would answer for their idolatry and injustice. God warns, "They cannot rescue themselves forms he power of the flame." (Isaiah 47:14, CSB)

While it is easy to become frustrated by oppression, injustice, and violence in our world, we must trust in God's ability to accomplish His plan. Our place is not to seek the destruction of others, but to actively strive to see Christ in them for both salvation and sanctification. Just imagine the significance. If God can be glorified even in these heathen Babylonians, how much greater His glory should one of these leaders genuinely surrender to Christ?