How We Know

Today's devotion from 1 John 1 & 2.

After reminding them of the pervasiveness of sin in the life of every person, John then gives another reason for his writing. The purpose is due to the power of Christ in the life of the believer. The gospel is not simply the good news that you can go to heaven; it is the good news that, in Christ, you don’t have to wait till you get to heaven to walk with Him. The rest of his letter will be full of encouragement to live for Christ even now. In Christ, we are no longer trapped by our sin. We will surely fall, but we do not give our lives over to a defeated state.

With this, John will move his focus from soteriology, to sanctification. He is writing to correct wrong thinking and action. He is writing to provide practical application of the gospel in our lives. He is writing to remind us of our victory. He is writing, “…so that you may not sin.” Does this mean perfection? No, he will clarify that in the next phrase. However, it does mean that we don’t have to be given over to sin.

Why does he feel the need to remind them of this? Well, there are those who say a prayer, but never surrender their lives to Christ. Those who live how they want, thinking they have a magic ticket to gain entry into Heaven. Those who might go to church on Sunday morning, but never bother to live for Christ throughout the week. 

The gospel is not that you get to go to Heaven, the gospel is that you can be redeemed and brought into a relationship with God today that will continue for all eternity including Heaven. This is what John wants us to understand. Even now we can live in the blessing and benefit of the work of our Savior, and this is how we know that we know Him...we walk with Him in faithful obedience today.