how the mighty have fallen

Today's devotion from 2 Samuel 1.

One would think that David would be overwhelmed. It was not too long ago that he had given up on ever finding peace so long as Saul lived. His despair was great that he even fled his homeland and future kingdom to live as an outcast among his people's traditional enemy. Yet here, in this moment, David is not joyous at all.

I can sort of sympathize with David. He knew he would be king. I think we've seen that this was a calling that he didn't run from, even if he wasn't exactly working diligently to pursue it. However, now that his time has come, he is consumed with grief. There is a hard lesson and truth in this reading: when it is time for something new to begin, those things before it must pass away.

I've never been king, but I have had exciting changes in my life. I have experienced the exhilaration of standing on the threshold of something new, like my marriage, the birth of our children, or even a call to a new place of service. Yet, oddly enough, even in those wondrous moments there was a piece of my that mourned the loss of that old familiar situation that I was called to leave.

I remember studying grief, and learning that even when something great is happening it is common and natural to feel sorrow at the passing of something known and treasured. When you get a promotion or buy a new house, you will have moments of sorrow that invade your joy. David, for all rights and purposes, is king, but he feels the sharp pain of loss even in this moment.

You will experience this, too. When you answer His call, your life will change. Through these changes, don't let the Enemy stir fear in your heart. True. Some things will hurt, but following God is always worth it. As the seasons and circumstances of your life change, some thing will be incredibly joyous occasions, some will be painful, but throughout them all, you can have a peace in knowing that God is in control.