Today's devotion from 1 Chronicles 16.

I love the flow of the chronicler's accounts. Rightly following the successful arrival of the ark in accordance with God's expressed ways, the chronicler turns our attention to praise. Of course, the Bible records real life. This isn't the make-believe land of fairytales and comic books in which villains are scripted and victories are won within a thirty minute span.

What I'm saying is this: these people have been through much difficulty. There has been war. Their king and his family are dead. They have enemies all around them. Even in attempting to do something good, a man was struck dead. These people could have justified being "mad" at God. In their minds, perhaps they could have fooled themselves into believing they had a right to sulk and become bitter toward God.

However, David shepherded the people in the right direction. He recognized that they had been at fault for not obeying God's directions. He apparently understood that darkness was simply a part of this fallen creation. Yet, as he would write in the psalms, the valley is only darkened when the sun is on the other side of the mountain. Where God is, one can find hope.

Maybe your life has not been easy. Maybe it's partially your doing due to disobedience or turning from God? Maybe you were simply a victim of the mangled mess left in the twisted wreckage of sin's entrance into our lives? You might feel justified in becoming embittered toward God, but why? To what end? If your life is so filled with pain just by its being lived, then why would you seek to toss away the only real and true hope any of us could ever have?

No. David understood that life happens, but God is always worthy of the praise of our hearts. So, in 1 Chronicles 16 we read of a song, a hymn, sung to God in thanks and recognition. It is a song that follows the successful arrival of the ark to its home...and a death, and political turmoil, and battle, and the installation of a new king. Yet God is worthy to be praised. His steadfast love endures forever.