Today's devotion from Job 1 & 2.

There are so many questions about the book of Job. For example, when was it written? We don't really know, but some believe there is evidence pointing to an early dating, perhaps even during the time of the patriarchs. One of my Old Testament professors held to a theory that Moses could have written the book.

The theory is that God revealed the story of Job to  encourage him since he also had lost his family and home by fleeing into the wilderness. This early dating could also answer theological questions that are raised throughout the book. We really don't know. There are many things we don't, can't, and won't know. However, there are a few things that are illuminated for us in the the events recorded here.

One thing that this book helps focus is the nature of our enemy. In one of the most telling pieces of dialog, Satan repeats goal of his exercise, "...he will curse you to your face." (Job 1:11 & 2:5) This is the objective of the game. At its root, the struggle of Job is not about his happiness or Satan's power. It's about God's worthiness.

The basic accusation of Satan is that God is not worthy of worship apart from the praise He buys with blessing. That's right. Satan's argument is essentially that when God stops blessing with wealth and health, then humans will see Him as he does...unworthy. The reason Job is the afflicted is because of the sad truth that most people would prove Satan right.

Just look at the world, and you will see the truth in that statement. As a pastor, I see the fine line in people's lives. If they are afflicted, they will call out to God unless they are too afflicted, then they get angry and turn away. If they are blessed, they will thank God until they are too blessed that they no longer need God. When you stop to think about it, much of the spiritual battle we are engaged in is truly over our belief in God's worthiness regardless of our affliction or blessing.

The title is not from the idea of Satan cursing anyone. The context of those words is that Satan believes we will curse God instead of bless Him if He is late on a payment or doesn't meet our expectations.

Let that sink in. If God is truly worthy of our worship, then His worth must be established from somewhere beyond our subjective opinion. His worthiness has to be grounded in His very nature. He simply must be worthy of demanding and receiving our worship. Is this your view of God today? Or do you fall into Satan's trap of falsely believing that God must earn your praise?