he wholly followed the LORD

Today's devotion from Joshua 14.

Today’s reading continues to follow the theme of the distribution of the inheritance of the land. However, today’s major theme is not the general allotment, but the heart of Caleb.

Caleb had been 40 when he went with Joshua into the Promised Land to spy on the inhabitants. When they came back, 10 of the spies were against the Israelites attempting to inhabit the land while Joshua and Caleb tried to rally the heart of the people to trust God and obey Him. In the end, their efforts failed, but God gave them a second chance.

Now, at the age of 85 Caleb will finally get to go and take the land that God had promised. He demonstrates no fear a the size or scope of the task. Instead, he looked to God for supernatural ability to complete the task. The result is that, “Therefore, Hebron still belongs to Caleb son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite as an inheritance today because he followed the Lord, the God of Israel, completely.” (Joshua 14:14, CSB)

While you or I may have been content to just be in the land, Caleb wanted all that God had promised. Nothing more. Nothing less. I would have probably found amble excuses to take a lesser piece of the inheritance, but Caleb would not. At more than twice the age he was initially, Caleb had an incredible faith that allowed him to believe that God would do what He had promised to do.

Yet, as we read this we must be careful not to make Caleb out to be the hero of this chapter. His faith was amazing, but useless without the persistent work of God. It is only because of God that Caleb was still alive to receive this blessing. It was only because of God’s grace that Caleb’s bold request could be heard or granted. For more than 45 years, God patiently allowed everything to happen, but still brought about His initial promise.

While it might be difficult for us to be patient, it is not difficult for God. If He has given His word, then it is as good as done. It doesn't matter if it takes a moment or a lifetime, God is faithful.