Golden Splendor

Today's devotion from Job 37.

Steven J. Lawson wrote a commentary on the book of Job. When he writes about this chapter, his main point is that Elihu is using nature to point to God's ultimate control over Job's situation. This is true, but when we look even closer we see that Elihu keeps using the language of storms and the sky. Thunder and lightning and clouds are under the command of our God.

How convenient that Job's life is very much a raging storm in need of being stilled.

Isn't this life? Haven't you been in the storm? The dark and foreboding skies are only brightened by the intimidating flashes of wild and erratic lightening. The constant howl of the winds threatening to overtake you are only overcome by the deafening crashes of thunder. In all of this, no matter where you turn or where you seek to find shelter, you fear, no, you know that you are completely and totally vulnerable.

I've been there. I've felt the overwhelming chaos of the storm surging around me. I've felt the fear of concern for a loved one's health, the weight of oncoming financial strain, the uncertainty of employment, and the total helplessness of a feeble man facing the full wrath of the storm.

Elihu urges Job to see beyond these elemental forces to see the God who can control them. The One who can command the storm, calm the waves, and rebuke the winds is the One in whom we must trust and hope. He is our only refuge in the storm and our only hope of tranquility in the torrent. I'm not sure what is happening in your life today, but I would urge you to look to the One who is your only hope.