Today's devotion from 1 Chronicles 17-18.

In our reading today we see David in all his glory. We see God speaking to him of a covenant. We see him victorious, "wherever he went." We see the vast spoils of treasure he takes, the thousands of men he defeats, and the admiration of kings from his region. To what are we to attribute his unquestionable success? That is the wrong question. His victory is not to be ascribed to "what". We cannot credit military strategy or weaponry. His success can and is only attributed to God.

God is with him. This is the theme of the chronicler's writing in these chapters. Every victory, every trophy, every notoriety, every good and positive aspect of David's life and rule can only be credited to God. God was with David in a way that was awe-inspiring to the point that we still speak of all the God did in, with, for, and through David. However, there is a catch.

When David first spoke of his idea to erect a home for God, the prophet Nathan immediately blessed him. Upon hearing the words leave David's lips, Nathan agrees. Yet, Nathan spoke out of turn. It was not for him to grant God's blessing. We read that on that very night, God rebuked Nathan and sent a message. God was in deed with David, but that did not mean David could do all that was in his heart.

The idea of the temple was a good and noble thought, but that does not mean that it was God's will for David. This simple idea has tortured and broken so many. Sometimes God says no. The word that God tells Nathan to deliver to David is extraordinary. God will establish the House of David, He will perform wondrous works, and amazing events will transpire, all of this Nathan faithfully and diligently conveys to David...but the answer is still no.

Sometimes God says no because He has another plan. This doesn't mean that God loves us any less than He did before we asked. It simply means no. When this happens, don't get bitter or angry. Instead, take the time for self-reflection, decide to accept God's decision, and simply place your trust in Him.