For Me

Today's devotion from Luke 1:39-80. Mary's Magnificat (song of praise) recorded in Luke is one of those moments recorded in Scripture that is truly breathtaking. To think that a young woman grappling with the enormity of her condition and situation would be wise enough to know to praise is a marvel. The language in itself is remarkable. She speaks of being blessed by the God of her Savior, the same Savior now in her womb. The Savior she will diaper, nurse, and hold when He's crying is no less in her mind, just that, her Savior.

Personally, I am always struck by her use of preposition in describing her condition. She exclaims that she is blessed, "because the Mighty One has done great things for me, and his name is holy." (Luke 1:49, CSB) There is no doubt that she is blessed and realizes it. Again, there is no question that God is the Mighty One, and He is doing great, enormous, things. But I am awed that she interprets His work in asking her to carry this child as a work done for her, not to her.

She didn't ask for this. She didn't seek this calling and responsibility, yet it is now hers to endure to the very bitter end. She will care for this child, worry for Him throughout His tumultuous ministry, weep for Him as He is beaten, crucified, and buried. She will endure hardship, trials, and tremendous suffering. Most of us would think this constitutes something done to us. It is a cross we must bear, not a blessing in which we would revel.

Yet, the wise girl knew that it was a blessing for her in many ways. First, there is the privilege of being trusted by God to be part of His plan, although many see this as more burden than blessing. Second, there is the fact that this child is her Savior as much as anyone else's. She is just as broken and in need of redemption as anyone. So, in at least two ways, Mary is absolutely right to see this as a work done for her, even though it was thrust upon her and will demand much of her.

How do you interpret God's work in your life? Is it a work for you or to you to answer God's call to join in His plan?