Today's devotion from Mark 1. Mark's Gospel isn't as theologically nuanced as, say, John's in which we see so much deep truth in the prologue alone. Neither is Mark's account as historically detailed as Luke's. Mark wasn't as concerned with the chronology of events as with the raw miracle that was Jesus' incarnate ministry. Further, Matthew's Gospel was written from a more rhetorical perspective as he tried to win over Jewish believers to the truth of their Messiah.

In comparison, Mark's Gospel is sometimes thought less of because it lacks a bit of the polish of these other accounts. They are each equally inerrant, but Mark's seems more, well, practical. He seems perfectly content simply to highlight the amazing life and ministry of Jesus in a short, succinct account. Many scholars also feel that Mark's Gospel was the first written, and that may be why it feels as though it has fewer features.

If Mark's is the first, then that is a detail that is going to build my case for it's importance. You see, I believe we needed the rhetoric of Matthew's Gospel, the historicity of Luke's, and the theological umph of John's, but I also believe we need the no-frills account of this first Gospel because it points us to the most important truth of Jesus' life and ministry. He came to go.

From the beginning, Mark's emphasis is on Jesus' non-stop activity as He traveled the region preaching, healing, and serving. From the very beginning of chapter 1, Mark emphasizes the Great Commission ministry of Jesus, even to the point that, when told people were looking for Him, Jesus responded by saying, "Let’s go on to the neighboring villages so that I may preach there too. This is why I have come." (Mark 1:38, CSB)

He hadn't come to set up court in Jerusalem or to build a ministry campus in Galilee. Jesus came to go to others, to preach to others, and to share with others. What better example of Great Commission living than that?