Dry Bones

Today’s devotion from Ezekiel 37. Have you ever gone through a dry spell? Where I live, we have a large pond that demonstrates what a 19” deficiency looks like. Where the water is low, it has receded, revealing the scarred bed. The banks look grotesquely out of proportion. It’s just generally not a pleasant sight. Ezekiel’s encounter in the valley of the dry bones represents the deficiency in God’s people. They were scarred and grotesque. There was no life. There was no hope. They had given up.

Can these bones live?

Ezekiel really didn’t know what God could do. What kind of question was God asking? Who asks if bones can live? Even more interesting, what can one say to God in answer to that question? There was only one thing Ezekiel could say, “Lord God, only you know.” (Ezekiel 37:3, CSB) We hear the stories about what God has done. We have experienced His own power in our lives. But, has anyone ever truly been able to comprehend what God can do. None of us have any idea of all He is capable of doing. Only He knows.

If I were to confess, I’ve seen more than just shortages in rainfall. If I were really being honest, I would tell you that, even now, I feel that I’m dangerously close to sliding into a pretty dry valley because it feels that I’m being asked to believe God for that which only He knows...and it’s terrifying. Yet I will not accept dry bones. I will not allow my hope to perish. I will not be cut off. I refuse to settle for security when God has called to more.

Even as we stare into the face of uncertainty, we can rest our hope in God. If what He has called us to undertake seems overwhelming, good! Can this come to pass? We might not know, but He does. Today, there is someone that you might be tempted to think is beyond redemption. Have hope. Today, God is calling you, (yes, you!) to make a difference in the world around you. Have hope.

Today, join me in praying for His Spirit to breathe life into the impossible of God’s purpose in our lives that we might know that He is the LORD.