Do Not Write It Down

Today's devotion from Revelation 10 & 11.

We are about to read what the seven thunders said when a voice from heaven, which is unidentified, commands John to remain silent. This may seem odd at first, especially when we consider that John is there precisely for this purpose. He is caught up in this vision explicitly to make known what he sees. Why forbid him to write this detail down?

The answer is one that forms our approach to reading and studying Revelation. Remember, Genesis is not a science text, but a theology text. Likewise, Revelation is not written to explicitly make known the details of the end times. Instead, its purpose is to instill confidence that God has a plan and is working to achieve it.

For believers, some things do not need to be known. We can place so much trust in our facts that we forget our faith is in the God who is alive and working. It is not unimportant that I write those words on Christmas Eve. The Christ we celebrate at Christmas is not a babe in a manger, but God alive and working. We cultivate and nurture our faith in Him and the God He reveals, not in the facts He has made known.