Today's devotion from 2 Samuel 17.

As Absalom seeks to strengthen his grip, he sought the counsel of two men. One, Ahithophel, offered the advice that he should have heeded. However, Hushai, a plant sent by David to mislead the usurper, countered that advice with counsel that sounded good to Absalom, but actually benefited David. The result was the suicide of Ahithophel, and the escape of David.

Some people might read this account and wonder why God didn't simply destroy Absalom if He wanted David on the throne. They wonder why God didn't do something to preserve the reign of His chosen servant. This is where they are mistaken. God did do something. God did something miraculous. He blinded Absalom to good, sound advice that likely would have led to his successful coup.

For some reason, we automatically think that the God of the universe must be grandiose all the time, but that's simply not the case. Often, God uses tactics that are incredibly subtle. He will call the weakest from among the least, and elevate him. He will announce the birth of His Son to shepherds, and lead socially oppressed women to the miraculous discovery of Christ's resurrection.

God chooses the method of His intervention in a way that accomplishes His will, completely. There are motives that we will never understand, but we can trust that God is in control, even in ways that we might deem insignificant. In this case, God opposed Absalom by determining to undermine the good counsel of Ahithophel.

As we think about this particular method, maybe we should consider those around us who make decisions that we just can't figure out. Maybe they are incapable of understanding for a divinely appointed reason? Regardless, you cannot control what advice people heed or how they respond to situations. You can only be responsible for fulfilling your role in God's plan.