Today's devotion from 1 Chronicles 13 and 14.

In these two chapters we see a definite theme that is developing that centers on the role of God in Israel at this time. Whereas the chronicler stated that Saul had breached and broken faith, he is going to great lengths to demonstrate David's dependence on God.

Chapter 13 presents the failure that follows David's consulting "the commanders of thousands and hundreds" instead of God. In this case, it costs Uzzah his life and Israel a moral defeat. They didn't follow the instructions for moving the ark provided by God. Instead, they gathered for discussion, developed a strategy based on logic and reason, and, then, utterly failed. It was one thing for unwitting Philistines to transport the ark on a cart, but the Israelites were held to a standard.

Chapter 14 seems to present the success that follows seeking God's direction. The chronicler seems to emphasize the fact that David will not battle the Philistines until he has consulted the Lord. The result was not only success in these battles, wherein they burned the idols brought into battle by the Philistines, but in the glorification of God as "David’s fame spread throughout the lands, and the Lord caused all the nations to be terrified of him." (1 Chronicles 14:17, CSB)

The theme seems clear enough: with their strategies and tactics they could only go so far and would suffer moral defeat and discouragement, but with God they could win battles before they were even fought.

As we consider the message of the chronicler, I believe we have to ask ourselves a question concerning who we trust. I don't think anyone would deny the importance of seeking wisdom and council from others, especially leaders whom we admire. However, their advice should never be sought while the will and word of God is neglected. As is evident throughout Scripture, God rarely seems to be overly concerned with sound logic concerning His miraculous works. In fact, He seems to delight in defying reason.

Maybe you are in a situation where you are having to make some challenging decisions. I would encourage to speak with those who are learned. Listen to their advice. Consider their counsel. However, never neglect to seek God's will. He has a tendency to triumph over logic and to laugh off our soundest strategies.