Today's devotion from Psalm 104.

There is a hymn that many of us have sung titled, "Count Your Blessings." According to what I can determine, the song was written by Johnson Oatman, Jr. and was published in 1897. It uses stark contrasts to paint a picture for the struggling believer. The tune is upbeat, the verses speak of turbulent times and difficult situations, jealousy and injustice. The chorus then directs the believer to try to count all the many things God has done in order to see just how blessed we are. Psalm 104 is very similar. The psalmist creates a list of the various things that God has done only to state, "How countless are your works, LORD!" (Psalm 104:24, CSB)

This is wise counsel that is biblically based. We look to those things that God has done in order to find encouragement, joy, and strength. There's only one problem with this idea.: many of the greatest things God has done in my life were so nuanced, that I wouldn't have even known to count them among the more obvious blessings in my life.

Of course we know to count our salvation, our families, and our health, but do you think to count that simple and understated dinner with a Christian couple that accomplished nothing but lightened your heart and brought encouragement? What about those moments where you are stretched beyond your comfort only to find out this is where some of your deepest friendships will come?

When I think through how God uses even these small moments that are so easily overlooked, I marvel. I marvel at His wisdom, His insight, His planning, His strategy, His power and authority, His scope of care and concern for us in even these mundane interactions, and why shouldn't I? Why shouldn't I be just as amazed at God's work in some soon forgotten conversation as I am in the intricacies of His work of Creation?

By all means, count your blessings! But never presume that you could actually recognize or accurately understand each and every way God has moved or is moving in your life. Maybe you could share some of those forgotten or overlooked blessings in the comments section here or on my Facebook page?