Bring Us Relief

Today's devotion from Genesis 5.

In just a handful of generations, the world had changed drastically. All that God had created and pronounced as being good was now corrupt to the point that it caused men to cry out. Things were so bad that Lamech held his new son and said, "This one will bring us relief from the agonizing labor of our hands, caused by the ground the Lord has cursed." (Genesis 5:29, CSB) That is a tremendous amount of hope to put into such a small child.

Yet, in an indirect way, Lamech was right. As the world's wickedness rampaged out of control, God's patience finally gave way to the need to preserve hope. In the flood that would come, God would demonstrate both His wrath and His grace. How is the flood an example of Grace? God preserved Noah to put him to work. This babe would in fact bring us relief in that through him, the line of the Savior would continue.

As we enter into the diluvian narrative, let us never lose sight of the grace of God. Grace that is truly unmerited favor. Grace that is an invitation to trust God, and to partner with Him in His redeeming work in exactly the same way Noah did. True, the Savior won't physically come through our lineage. However, for those in our world awaiting the gospel, we have a responsibility, no, a privilege, of being the ones who bring them relief. We can bring them Jesus.