Blessed is the Man

Today's devotion from Psalms 1-5.

I love the Psalms. They have been important to me throughout my Christian walk. When I struggled with God's direction, I found encouragement in psalms. When I have felt dry and unsure in my prayer life, I found comfort in praying the Psalms. When I have been challenged to speak into the lives of those grieving and afflicted, it was often the Psalms that became the resource to which I turned.

The first Psalm that truly captured me, and probably my favorite, is Psalm 1. It depicts a journey away from God. It reminds me that big mistakes are often made in incremental decisions. I listen to the counsel of those mangled by sin. Then I find myself standing with those who are missing the mark, caught in conversation. Finally, one day I look around and find myself seated among the scoffers, not only counted among their ranks, but a chief among them.

The reverse is also true. The right road is trod one intentional step at a time. It is slow, but steady progress, like the growing of a tree. Often it's maturity is almost imperceptible. One day you suddenly realize that there is a substantial tree where you hadn't really noticed one before. Where did it come from? It came from a slow and deliberate growth nurtured not by swells of floodwater, but by the steady flow of the river. It grew symmetrically, so that it's roots are as strong as it's branches are broad.

This is life. Few things honestly happen instantaneously. We create our lives out of those small and seemingly innocuous decisions we make every day. We will either act on the influences of those around us, or by the Word revealed to us. Whichever we allow to influence us most, will ultimately produce the fruit of our lives. So, how's your fruit?