Better Than A Thousand

Today's devotion from Psalms 84 and 85.

Several years ago (more than I care to admit), there was a worship song that was incredibly popular based on Psalm 84. It was so popular, I believe, because it reminded us of a powerful reality that is sometimes neglected or ignored in the busy lives of modern believers.

This world is not our home.

While much of Scripture is devoted to helping us live better lives, we must recognize two truths about that statement. First, the life that we are live "better" is not one of health, wealth, power, and fame. It is better, not because it is filled with things of this world, but because when we walk in accordance with His word and will, then even this temporal life in the dark place is filled with Him. That is what makes it better. Secondly, the ultimate goal of God is not to make this life "better" in the sense that many believe, but to use this life to lead us into an everlasting one.

This psalm, and the song based on it, are powerful and beloved because we know that no matter how good this life is, it cannot compare to the infinite wonder of being in the actual presence of God. To be before Him in all of His glory is an unimaginable scene that human words could not possibly describe.

One day. One day in His heavenly court is better than a thousand elsewhere.