beating on the door

Today's devotion from Jud 19.

The Levite was with a concubine, dishonoring marriage. He forsook common sense in traveling at night. The people of Gilbeah were inhospitable to start, then deprave and violent. The Levite himself was arrogant, rude, and cold toward his concubine who's father had just lavished him with attention and hospitality on him. If you're looking for a hero, there's really not one. Even the man offering hospitality is not someone to emulate.

The conclusion of the chapter is shock. No one could remember anything like this happening...ever. This is what happens when there is no king. The idea of a king in Israel is not really a reference to a monarchy, but to an accountability. Remember, Israel was not supposed to have a king. It was supposed to be a theocracy. They were supposed to keep the Law and worship God. Had they done those two things, they would have been better off.

Our culture is also beating on a door. We are increasingly throwing off restraint, common sense, courtesy, hospitality, and accountability. The internet is a virtual wild west where almost anything goes. People cast off the social expectations and bully, troll, brag, stalk, and do just about anything else you can imagine. People are getting shot in the streets. Marriages are collapsing and record rates. Morals are fluid. We are gender confused, entertainment focused, and spiritually dead.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Oh, its another one of THOSE devotions." Well, not really because even as bad as our culture is, I haven't seen any concubines dismembered recently. The point is this: without positive accountability, we will always devolve in spite of how civilized our culture thinks it is. This is what it means to live without a king.

The difference is found in Christianity because we do have a king. We have the King of Kings who sits on an eternal throne. This is partially what is supposed to make us look so different. We have been delivered from the domain of darkness and transferred into the kingdom of the Son whom He loves.

As you start this day, you don't start from a place of gloom and doom. As a believer, you begin in the throne room of the king. Give Him your heart and this day, and He will direct your paths even when the darkness is beating on the door.