Today's devotion from Numbers 28.Immediately following Joshua's commissioning, God called the Israelites back to the prescribed offerings. In this listing there is no detailed description, only the basics of each offering. There is a structure or order within Numbers. Of course there is. After all, Numbers is really an accounting of sorts.

There's the daily offerings, sabbath offerings, monthly offerings, Passover, Festival of Weeks, Festival of Trumpets, and the Day of Atonement. I read and reread about these offerings. While I did, I was searching for something that spoke to me.

Finally, I noticed the footnotes, and I began to read them. I'm reading in the Holman Christian Standard Bible. As I was looking through the descriptions of various words, I came across these words dealing with atonement:

A theological term for God's provision to deal with human sin; in the OT, it primarily means purification. In some contexts forgiveness, pardon, expiation, propitiation, or reconciliation is included. The basis of atonement is substitutionary sacrifice offered in faith. The OT sacrifices were types and shadows of the great and final sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

Did you catch that? Each of these sacrifices were vitally important to the spiritual livelihood of Israel. In fact, look at the first verses of chapter 28, "The Lord spoke to Moses, 'Command the Israelites and say to them: Be sure to present to me at its appointed time my offering and my food as my fire offering, a pleasing aroma to me.'" (Numbers 28:1-2, CSB)

On the heels of progression is remembrance. There is no progress without the Lord. Even though Joshua was appointed and commissioned, he alone was not enough. They had to remember to follow God, and that meant keeping His sacrifices. But what does this mean for us today? We need make no other sacrifice, ever, because Jesus is enough.

He is our daily sacrifice, a pleasing aroma to the LORD. He is our sabbath offering for rest. He is our monthly offering, in remembrance and celebration. He is our Passover so that we are spared from wrath, and our celebration of firstfruits during the Festival of Weeks.