Today's devotion from Revelation 7-9.

I couldn't help but think of Hollywood as I read these chapters, especially concerning the seven angels with their trumpets. I'll be completely honest with you, we have no idea what is really happening here. We can read this literally, we could look at it figuratively, we could try to find some middle ground, but we lack answers.

Some have tried to claim that they could name the beasts mentioned, or the specific asteroids that would crash into the sea and rivers, but it's ludicrous. Remember, Revelation is not about giving you a checklist. It is about giving you a sense of God's plan and the faith that He will accomplish it.

Back to Hollywood...

I think we are drawn to those apocalyptic stories that are so popular because, deep down, we may not know definitively about the four angels bound in the Euphrates, but we do know that a day is coming that change all other days. I think it is built into our conscience by the general revelation of God. Most cultures have a sense of right and wrong. Most have a belief in a beginning, a creation and a Creator. Likewise, most have a fear of an unavoidable end and a judgement.

Hollywood taps into these fears and offers a false hope. Life will be saved by some hero or heroine or some scientific discovery. Life will go on with the crisis averted. The problem is, we know this is a fairytale. Life cannot exist in perpetuity the way it is. No. We didn't need a hero. We needed a Redeemer. We needed a Savior. And in order for His plan to come to fruition trumpets must be blown, people must be warned, but they will not repent.

Sin is a terrible foe.