another generation

Today's devotion from Judges 2.

As we continue through Judges 2 we see more holes filled and the backdrop for the judges that God is about to call to action to rescue the people.

When we see the phrase, "the angel of the LORD," in Scripture, many believe we are seeing a preincarnate ministry of Christ. So, God's hand of protection is removed, and the people cry out for the moment. But, another generation is coming. This generation is described as not knowing the LORD or the war that he had done for Israel. What a sad indictment.

Just one generation removed from seeing the sun stand still, the people were completely lost as to the ways and works of God. They abandoned Him in favor of the Baals. Now, it wasn't just that God's hand of protection was removed. He was openly and actively punishing them through the very peoples they had been promised to defeat.

However, even for this utterly ignorant generation, God refused to abandon His plan. Even in this time of neglect God raised up judges to lead and free the people. But again, the language is telling. Look at verse 17, "but they did not listen to their judges. Instead, they prostituted themselves with other gods, bowing down to them. (Judges 2:17, CSB) How gracious is God? In spite of their utter rejection, He still moved on their behalf.

There are two things I take from this. First, we must teach our children. Never just assume they know. Could you imagine how miserable you would feel if your children could stand before God and say, "My generation did not know the Lord or the work that he had done for us." Second, no matter how badly I stumble, I will never stop walking with God. His grace is immense, and I will cast myself on it every chance I get.