Today's devotion from Job 3.

Job 3:2 is one of the shortest verses in Scripture, but it comes from a place of the deepest of pains. Job has lost so much. He has lost children and security. He has lost the happiness of his home and his health. His wife has become bitter and angry. Now his friends have gathered, but there is really no way for them to help.

What do you say in such times? First, Job laments his birth. He essentially wished that he had never been born. He is not the first to long for death. In fact, he in good company with men like Moses and Elijah. The curse on his lips is not the one Satan predicted. Instead, he smeared the day he was born.

Then, he began to ask that most pointed of all questions...why? Beginning in verse 12, Job asks why no less than 5 times. Why. It is such a powerful word. It reveals to us the heart of a man searching for understanding. He scours his mind seeking an elusive answer. Yet, for all his thinking, meditating, and studying, he can't find the answer. Perhaps even more painful, God doesn't seem to want to answer in the moment.

Why doesn't God answer us when we ask, "Why?"

It is because God doesn't call us to know, but to trust. He calls us to faith. If His worthiness is on the line, then Job couldn't find worthiness in God's plan or purpose. Job had to come to the place where he found God to be sufficient alone, without knowing His plan or seeing His goal. Had God simply answered his question, then it would not have been God that was enough and worthy.

You may be facing a situation that is painful today. One in which you find yourself asking that age old question. Just because you can't find the answer to why, doesn't mean that you aren't discovering a deeper more meaningful truth. Sometimes we don't need to know why. All we need to know is God.