An Inheritance with These Borders

Today's devotion from Numbers 34.

It would be easy to overlook the theological significance and modern importance of chapters such as this. They are filled with administrative and organizational details. How does this have any bearing on us, today, thousands of years after the fact? The nation has been established, seen its golden age, fallen into exile, and has been reestablished since these words were written. Why should we care about the boundaries of the Promised Land?

We should not be surprised that God would go so far as to outline the boundaries of the nation and the tribes. It should not shock us that God had the foresight and wisdom to identify individuals who would serve Him, His plan, and His people by taking responsibility for overseeing land distribution. God is meticulous in His planning and just toward His creation.

Time and again we encounter God's desire for justice in His people. Therefore, it makes sense that God would seek to establish an orderly means of fulfilling His promises. There would be no chaos filled free for all in the Promised Land. There would be no injustice in which the stronger tribes rooted out the weaker. God's plan was not just for a generic nation, but for a people, and this chapter highlights that.

Chapters like this reveal more than just the facts of land distribution. They reveal the very nature of God. They reveal God's design to make room for each tribe, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Chapters like these reveal the fair and just nature of God in that He seeks to establish order and stomp out oppression.

The character of God revealed in such mundane chapters reassures us that God is caring and concerned about all in His Kingdom, not just those we would assume are important. For this reason, we can read through ledgers and lists with excitement. Not only are they proof that God fulfilled His promises. They are proof that God's attention to detail insures that someone as unimportant as me is not overlooked or out of mind.