after other gods...

Today's devotion from Deuteronomy 12 and 13.

In this section, Moses continues leading the Israelites in the Promised Land even though it is a land he will never set foot in. The responsibility falls on him to prepare them for the sacred nature of their secular societal walk. God speaks truth through him that they need to hear even before they need to act on it. These are truths that begin with the hopeful and promising word, "when."

"When God enlarges your territory" and "when God wins for you your lands" are not rhetorical, they are a soon-to-be-realized actuality in which idolatry cannot be allowed to exist. Moses begins with right worship of God.  It's not just enough to worship God in any way we would like. Worship must be given and offered in the manner in which God expects and demands our worship.

God cannot be worshipped in the pagan high places or according to the pagan rituals. To do so is simply to substitute God for the false god He dispossessed. This is the truth of Deuteronomy 12. However, just in case someone thought that God was not that serious about His unwillingness to be paganized, chapter 13 makes His stance crystal clear.


The problem is not just with the paganization of the worship of the One True God, but in the fact that the condemned are seeking to lure others away from God Himself. They want the Israelites to leave God to pursue false gods. They entice others to their doom.

The enemy doesn't care what or how your worship, as long as it's not the worship of God. He doesn't care how moral or upright you, as long as you don't seek right-standing with God. He doesn't care to what end you invest your energy and resources, so long as you aren't pursuing a relationship with God.To believe that the glorification and worship of God is not a matter of the highest order is to agree with Satan's accusation in Job.

The question is not 'if' but who. It is not a question of if God is worthy of my worship. It is simply a question of if my heart is in agreement with the profound and universal truth that He is. In this moment, I am pursuing something that is my god.