Today's devotion from 1 Kings 16 & 17.

It might make sense that God would send Elijah in this time of famine to a wealthy widow who had plenty of money and food. Isn't that what God had done previously for Jacob and his sons when Joseph was sovereignly guided to Pharaoh's household in Egypt? God's people would be protected and receive provision out of excess instead of enough.

Yet God doesn't often repeat His miraculous works. The purpose in this is important. We must learn to trust God instead of a formula, system, or procedure. Therefore, God sends His prophet to what might have been the least likely source of provision possible: a widow struggling to survive. A woman who had lost all hope. A mother wrestling with how she could ever bear to watch her son starve to death.

As a pastor, I often struggle with people wanting to bless me. I react quickly and negatively to the idea that someone wants to give me something or do something for me. I never want to be accused of abusing the trust of others as a servant of God. Yet Elijah is forceful in his discussion with this woman. She has so many reason to not feed this complete stranger, but Elijah doesn't take no for an answer. God had sent him to this woman, God had equipped her to supply his need, and he was going to follow the word of God to the letter.

Elijah's blind faith flew in the face of conventional wisdom. He didn't see this widow and doubt her ability to provide for him. He saw this woman and never doubted God's ability to provide for him. This is where we often get the cart before the horse. Is our faith rooted in God's ability or ours? Is our trust grounded in our situation or our Sovereign? This Thanksgiving, are we thankful for the context of our lives or the Creator who is bringing order from chaos?