a restorer of life

Today's devotion from Ruth 3 & 4.

We conclude Ruth's tale almost too quickly. After the repetitious stumbles throughout Judges, it is nice to see humility and care. Ruth 3 and 4 records an ancient tradition that we don't really understand. I mean, lets be honest. My wife didn't curl up at my feet as an indication that she was willing to marry me. This is a culture and a context that we don't really understand.

However, there is a theme running throughout this account that we know very well: restoration. Naomi and Ruth needed a kinsman redeemer to restore them. That is to say, they had lost everything, but a relative could come alongside them and redeem the family land and preserve their names. But this account is about more than that.

God, once again, brings one (a Moabite) into His global plan of redemption. Ultimately, Ruth and Naomi both have bigger issues than just property and inheritance. They shared the malady that all humanity has in common. We need a spiritual redeemer. From the time when the judges ruled, while so many were completely missing the mark, God has His eyes on eternity.

He chose this family, these dispossessed women, to be the conduit of hope and redemption for us all. It is more than fancy wordplay that these women see the baby, Obed, as a redeemer and a restorer of life. You know the story. Obed would father Jesse who would father David. The same David who would unite Israel and usher in a golden age. The same David whose descendent, a young man named Joseph, would set out with his expectant wife on a journey to Bethlehem.

It all started with this unheralded widow named Naomi and her daughter-in-law, Ruth.