a gift for you

Today's devotion from Numbers 17 and 18.

In Numbers 18, after being told they are to guard the sanctuary and the altar, not from theft, but from improper worship that would summon the wrath of God, there is a great little nugget in verse 6. God says, "Look, I have selected your fellow Levites from the Israelites as a gift for you..." (Numbers 18:6, CSB)

How could God give fellow Levites as a gift? Well, He wasn't speaking of slavery, but of help. The verse continues, "...assigned by the LORD to work at the tent of meeting." The gift was a reverberation or echo from those words spoken so long before, "It's not good for man to be alone." God, knowing the importance of relationship and camaraderie, called others to assist. Their presence and assistance was a gift to those called to the responsibility of leading and safeguarding worship.

Many in the church don't understand that ministers are not the professional Christians that "common" believers outsource churchiness to do. A pastor is not called to "do" ministry, but to equip every Christian for their works of ministry according to Paul in Ephesians 4. However, so many pastors, too many pastors, feel alone in ministry, but not only pastors.

Right now in churches you and I know very well is a young mother burdened for children's ministry, but she can't find the gift of assistance. There's a senior who is tired and weary from endless years of serving who just can't find the gift of assistance in the busy young families within the congregation. Maybe one of these examples strikes you because it hits a little close to home? Or maybe, you've suddenly realized that you are missing. You are not serving. You are not using your gifts and callings. Therefore, you can't be the gift to others that God is calling you to be.

As in the case of Numbers 18, you aren't called to do things that aren't yours to do. Only Aaron and his sons could perform certain duties, but it sure made it a bit easier knowing they weren't alone. Why not pause for just a moment and ask God to make you someone's gift? Then, follow His call and lend a hand.