Finding Our Place Through a New Point of View

This short series of three messages through Ephesians 3 is the next in our multiyear study through Ephesians running in reverse. It is a multiyear study because I limit the number of sermons in a series to around 10. There have been a few series that ran a few weeks longer, but the majority are much shorter. In order to go through entire books, I break the structure down and come back to it for multiple years. I'll write more on this another time, but in this case the concept for this series is an attempt to reverse engineer Paul's explanation of the outworking of our faith to these believers. 

Ephesians 3 follows Paul's powerful teaching in chapter 2 by beginning to introduce the graciously saved believer's expanding role in God's plan of redemption. The first of this series touched on two truths found in verses 1-7. Before expounding in chapter 4 on God's role for his people in the church, Paul first acknowledged that he had found his role, by the grace of God, in taking the mystery of the gospel to the nations.

The two integrating thoughts (challenges) of this text were Paul's understanding that his life and ministry were to be invested in these former outcasts. His place in God's plan was for them. The second was a follow up to this truth. His place was for them because their place was with him in serving God and enlarging the Kingdom.