Abortion is wrong...but so are you.

I wasn’t really sure what to call this post. In truth, I wasn’t sure I should write this post. Then I realized that this is my blog, I can write it (not that “can” always equals “should”), and the thought isn't going away. So, here we are.

Like many in the church, I have been keeping an eye on the blatant disregard for life being celebrated in our culture. I can’t believe that a civilized society could get so excited over death, especially the death of the unborn. Yet, we saw the elated smiles, the colorful light show, and the conservative rage that followed.

It is to those outraged conservatives that I am writing. Yes, abortion is wrong, but so are many of you.

The problem that I see is that too many expressing their outrage over abortion at the moment seem to only care about the political arena. Now, I don’t have a problem with political discussion. We need to be politically active. My problem is that many people seem to keep their outrage focused on the political side of the issue while real world application goes unnoticed. In other words, while political outcry over abortion grows louder, I have been receiving calls and texts about children living in my community that are in need. Where is the outpouring of concern for them?

You see, our family began a journey last year to do something about the need around us. We went through training and have become foster parents. The process is still opening my eyes, and it has changed the way I see moral outrage. While conservatives and liberals banter over the politics of life, real children need homes. Real families need help. Real lives are at risk.

We currently have a foster son who is fantastic. We don’t pressure him to talk about his past, and I get a little apprehensive over not knowing all the details of the future, but all the details of the future aren’t really the need. The need is this moment. It’s not perfect, and we’re still figuring it out, but at least we know he is being cared for. I can’t say the same for the other children we receive calls and texts about. Unfortunately, we’re only able to care for him and our biological children right now, but the need is great.

If this is an issue about the sanctity of life, then what about the lives all around you in need of help? My question to you, outraged conservative, is what are you going to do about the need in your own back yard? Share a Facebook post? Vote Republican? Tell me, how is that helping the kid down the street today that needs a home, a meal, a family that loves them? By all means, share your social media. Absolutely show up to the polls and vote your conscience, but, I beg you, be outraged enough to actually do something.

What would our communities look like if our churches did more than lament? What if we invested in the lives of children in need around us while also fighting for the rights of the unborn?